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Glass and Light
38 Years of Love

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Tavcam Avize Imza

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Years of Glass and Light Love We are shedding light on the dark side of life with handicrafts and artworks. Not only in Turkey but all over the world.

By preserving our values ​​from mastery tradition, we make our productions with the love and enthusiasm we feel for the work we do. As a result, our products that we have illuminated the whole world are emerging. We work the glass thinly and bring it to light and give life. With our handmade products, we have been sharing our guests with your guests for many years.

Past to Today ... Always ... We have grown up and raised with our values ​​that made us. Today we are illuminating humanity with the products we export to all over the world.

We proudly present our products to you every year. Along with everyday use, we have a feast for our special projects and collections to enchant visitors.

Are we looking for you? We Are Waiting